The Post – Weinstein Workplace

According to the Wall Street Journal, there has been a rapid shift in the workplace after the Harvey Weinstein fiasco of October 2017.

The speed with which the consequences came to light along with the accelerated steps to introducing changes, shows you how the power can shift in this world led by social media.

One only needs a certain catalyst, in Harvey Weinstein’s case it was The New York Times report detailing the sexual abuse, to start a whirlwind of modifications.

Majority of the incidents revolving around sexual harassment at work would go unreported and those who would even report the incident would get no form of justice and some of them would even face harsh consequences, like termination.

Boardrooms are thought to not address the topic of sexual harassment unless the victim has filed a lawsuit. This is also why you see several of the reports that had been filed in the 1990s resurfacing now, with strict actions being taken against the accused.

According to RAINN, the biggest organization that helps abused victims in the US has reported seeing a 21% increase in sexual harassment allegations.

Since the Weinstein incident, several companies and organizations have stepped up their efforts in preventing sexual harassments at the workplace. It was even reported that the members of the Congress will now have to do a sexual harassment training program.

It is thought that a lot of the incidents of harassments occur during office Christmas parties, where people tend to let their guard down and drinking excessively. So to prevent that from happening again, it is reported that only 49% of the companies plan on serving alcohol this year, compared to a 62% in 2016.

Hopefully, the workplace will take measures to provide a much safer environment to its lower level employees to work in, and take stricter actions against the accused.